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Business development and communications for growing businesses.

Deep Experience

1For 18 years, I have been involved in all phases of the business development process, including sales and marketing, product development, business market analysis, capital fund raising, and communications.  My extensive experience gives me deep insight into what it takes to launch and sustain a company in today’s tough climate.

Business Development

2Businesses must be well developed from the ground up, but they must also be willing to take creative risks.  In the process of business development, companies make promises to take care of the needs of their customers.  Effectively developing the organizational processes and structures to keep those promises is paramount to long-term success.


3Once a solid foundation is in place, creatively communicating to the marketplace becomes easier.  A company that is prepared to make and keep a good offer can continually communicate success to the marketplace. Building a long-term approach to customer marketing creates retention and low-cost referral based marketing. Customers can begin to trust your company because you can consistently produce the same outcome.

Maximize Your Dollar

4When a business is well developed and is communicating it’s promise well, the result is effective and strategic development that is prepared for the challenges of today while building for tomorrow. I can help you develop both in a way that maximizes your business dollar.

I have worked with some of the most respected companies in the world.